Train Conduct

Thinking back to the conversation we had in class, I was trying to identify train rides at different times of the day. I took the train to work on Saturday at 9 am. Given the day, the subway wasn’t as crowded as it normally would be at the time. I was able to get a seat, since I was at the second stop of that train line. At this point, most people were practicing Nonsocial Transient Behavior.  Most people place their bags on the seats next to them, sit without regard for future passengers, and lean on the poles. As the ride continued the train was getting more and more crowded, thus less people were able to get seats. People began to practice civil inattention by keeping to themselves. They were not making any eye contact with each other and were noticeably avoiding interaction of all kinds with other passengers.

I got back on the train to go home around 1:30 am. At this point it was similar to those at the beginning of the day. There were a decent number of seats available to passengers, so they were taking up more space than they needed. People had their legs stretched out onto other seats, but most people had companions. On the morning commute, most passengers were alone, but at the time of the night passengers had at least one other person with them. Although there were plenty of seats, some passengers chose to stand.

It is interesting to thing about subway culture and etiquette. Although there are general and unspoken rules of the subway, there are still those who choose to disobey them or those who simply do not know them. Watching the reactions of those who know the rules observe those who don’t is interesting. They look at it with either confusion or disgust, there does not seem to be any excuse for disobeying the rules or conduct.

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